Church History

In, 1993, The Reverend Buford C Easly, Pastor of the Williams Boulevard Baptist Church, was endowed with a vision from God to start a church in Laplace, Louisiana. He sent fort a young minister, Stanford Geneove, Jr. and a faithful brother Norman Bartholomew,to establish the Living Water Baptist Church. They labored for many years, along with a handful of believers, to build this edifice and grow the church. A couple of times they began to get discourged. But then they remembered that God had a purpose for them and this church. They knew that they could not give up and leave until God siad so.

It has never been the intention of the pastor to fill the pews but, more importantly, he strives to fill the hearts of the people with the knowledge of God. LWBC was given the mission of preaching the gospel, making disciples, and teaching the bible. These mission goals have never changed. The truth preaching in love iis our calling.

Since the beginning, God has brought faitful workers to our church, some have passed away. Other remain to stadfastly carry on.

Although LWBC is not a big church, we feel that God is pleased with how we have made a difference in so many lives. We are about real ministry. Our church's motto is "Real People Serving a Real God". This church exist for God's glory NOT ours.

We strive to reach and teach the lost and ti minsters to others. Our outreach effors include: Supporting field missions such as Evangelist Jack Smith Ministries, Revarde Juvenile Center, and the Twin Oaks Nursing Home.

We believe that God has raised up our church 'for such a time as this'.

We will be ministering from this place for as long as God tells us to. If you are a real person with real needs, hurts, desires, If you are in need of a ral savior......come and join us.





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